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In all countries with an ageing population, the number of people living with, or at risk of dementia is continuing to rise. Dementia awareness is a key priority for the entire health and social care workforce.

In many situations, this will include the family and friends of people living with dementia. Also, some are cared for by volunteers. These individuals probably do not have the training or knowledge to enable them to deliver appropriate care in a practical way.

All caregivers need to have some knowledge of the different types of dementia and deal with their own expectations, knowing how they might signpost family and friends to get a diagnosis and then assisting the person to live well with the diagnosis. Having an understanding of the types of interventions available is also useful; together with an awareness and understanding of the specific needs of people living with dementia and those of their carers, be they professionals, volunteers or family members. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is one type of intervention, as detailed in this course.


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