D-Care project at EfVET roundtables in Berlin

efvet visits dcare

The D-Care project was presented during the EfVET round table in Berlin, where there were over 62 participants from 12 European countries.

In Europe, an increase in diseases linked to ageing, such as dementia, has been registered during the last 50 years, and it is estimated that this number will increase due to Covid-19 pandemic.

During the round tables, EfVET and p-consulting partners presented the training courses of D-Care project.

By the time the project will have completed its full life cycle, we believe that learners will be able to understand the various ways, the disease affects a person, and how the person affected perceives the world – said Panagiotis. The training courses contain specific guidelines for the development of the study material in “Design, development and pilot of the E-learning Course for caregivers”.

The modules constitute the basis for understanding the person with dementia, the preconditions and how anyone, assuming they are professional or non – professional caregivers, can co-assist in making their everyday life meaningful and increase their quality of life. All caregivers need to obtain knowledge of the different types of dementia and deal with their own expectations, knowing how they might enhance family and friends to get a diagnosis and then assist the person to live well with the diagnosis.

All Modules and Topics of the training courses are the same, but the content varies accordingly for professional or non-professional caregivers. All modules of the training courses  will be translated into partners’ languages.

Participants benefitted from sharing good practice and examples. EfVET and p-consulting partners, had also the opportunity to disseminate the project by handing out more than 20 brochures and printed version of the Newsletters.

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