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What is it – a dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported; these communities are vital in helping people live well with dementia and remain a part of their community.

Too many people affected by dementia feel society fails to understand the condition they live with, its impact or how to interact with them; many withdraw from their community as the condition progresses. Many also feel lonely and  ‘cut off from society’.

People affected by dementia have the most important role in any dementia-friendly community.  By sharing their experiences and connecting with others, they ensure that communities keep the needs of people affected by dementia at the heart of everything they do.

Many communities are dementia friendly, but if not in a particular area, it may be possible:


With the Alzheimer Society at its’ heart, it is possible to register on the website. They support hundreds of organisations to become dementia friendly. Help can be given to raise dementia awareness in their own organisation and support people with dementia to live well in their communities.

Dementia Friends is an easy and effective way for organisations to increase awareness and understanding. From a 5 minute video to a 45 minute presentation. After registering, the person will gain access to resources and information aimed at helping to understand dementia and how it may affect customers or employees.

It will also help educate young people about dementia with a free school and youth group resources. Support the next generation to understand the condition, become Dementia Friends and take meaningful actions for people affected by dementia in their community. No prior knowledge of dementia is required.

Nearly one in three young people know someone living with dementia. Often, this person is a grandparent, but increasingly it could be a parent.

This is why it’s important that every young person feels prepared and understands what it’s like to live with and be affected by dementia. By supporting young people to understand dementia from an early age, the organisation will help remove the stigma and build the growing movement of Dementia Friends.

What is a Dementia Friend? 

Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer’s Society initiative to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia. A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns more about dementia and takes action to support people affected by the condition in their community.

Resources are available to create Dementia Friends, and young people who complete the activities will be awarded a badge and a poster to recognise their achievement.

There are already millions of Dementia Friends in England and Wales!

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