Dementia in few words

Dementia in few words

Life expectancy globally increases. However, diseases related to aging, such as dementia, increased rapidly the last 50 years in Europe. In the fore coming years, the situation will be much more difficult. Societies and families can not deal with the consequences.

Dementia is a disease, which affects the brain of a person. Problems in memory, speech and concentration appear, as difficulties in daily life. Dementia does not only affect the people with dementia, but also their families.


Carers of people with dementia

People living with dementia needs help for the basic functions and they cannot live alone. Friends and family members are in most cases the carers of those people. Most of them are not ready for a situation like this. The main problem that carers are facing is the lack of experience and skills.


Caring of people with dementia is demanding and stressful

D-Care is a European project Erasmus+ KA2, which will cover the needs for training of caregivers of people living with dementia (professionals and non-professionals). An educational e-platform will be created, aiming to train carers to acquire the skills and competences the need on how to provide quality services to people living with dementia and how to avoid feeling isolated.