LEVEL 3 – High, Exemplary

LEVEL 3 – High, Exemplary

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the self-assessment questionnaire!

According to your answers, your competences’ result is ADVANCED LEVEL!

According to your answers, you are an experienced carer, quite capable of leading other people in the care professions, assisting them with their learning, and leading groups of individuals with CST sessions. We are sure you are committed to change the world and you are good in engaging people.

You have good knowledge, skills and competences in and techniques. You can find, and put in use, resources regarding caregiving in a responsible way. You can deliver clear communication of your ideas with great enthusiasm. You also have clear intention of solving problems that arise and affect your organisation regarding the people involved in need of care, including dealing with their families and other support people.

You can find many great resources in our dementia friendly activity toolkit on dementia care (and CST) and ready-to-use material in the special toolkit for dementia friendly home we have prepared for you!