The Partnership

The partners of this project covers geographically Europe, but the scope of this project is not only targeted to Europe but the whole world. The organizations of this consortium vary, so as to offer a holistic approach to the phenomenon of dementia. Check below details for these organizations.

AUSER Insieme Regionale Umbria


Partners Auser Insieme is a social promotion association for social development, aimed at enhancing the elderly and improve their active role in society. Since 1989, on the initiative of the CGIL and the Union of Spi-Cgil pensioners, it aims to combat all forms of social exclusion, improve the quality of life, promote the culture and practice of solidarity so that each age has a value and each person a his life project through which to become a resource for oneself and for others. Auser works so that everyone can give and get help, meet others, enhance their skills, contribute to the growth of the community in which he lives.

In Umbria, it currently has 8.800 members, 1500 active volunteers and more than 44 facilities across the regional territory.

It aims to the development of people and their relationships, based on principles of social equity, respect and appreciation of differences, rights protection, development opportunities and common goods. Its mission is to:

• Develop volunteering, social promotion, adult education, international solidarity, with particular reference to older people and intergenerational relationships;
• Support people, improving their quality of life and relationships, with a principle of solidarity;
• Defend and develop the cognitive and active capacity, even residual, of elderly people;
• Promote networks and services in the territory in support of families and in synergy with public institutions.
• Promote active citizenship by encouraging the active participation of people to social life and their access to services of the local community, the protection, enhancement and extension of cultural and environmental commons, defense and further development of the rights of all.
• Strengthen and renew the local community as really supportive, open, plural, inclusive.


Partners is an IT, Training and Consulting company, located in Patras (Greece). Its main aim is the digital transformation of the business and organizations due to technological changes that rapidly take effect in our society. It was established in 2012 and since today it has implemented sixteen (16) European Projects, hundreds of National Projects and has more than 200 clients in the field of consultancy and IT.

Main objectives of the company is the provision of:

• quality IT and consulting services in business terms to companies and enterprises in all sectors of economy,
• training services which address the needs of various target groups (young people, teachers in primary and secondary schools, people from vulnerable groups, elders, unemployed people, entrepreneurs, etc),
• IT services, focusing in web development and creation of online educational platforms,
• managing and developing of project services, mostly oriented to improve the quality of people, especially people who from social vulnerable groups.

p-consulting is combining training and IT services, by focusing to digital education and training. Company is developing and creating online training courses using new and innovative technologies.
The company is an active member of EfVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training), due to its activities as a company that provides lifelong training and represents Greek members to the Steering Committee of the Organization in Brussels.
In national level, p-consulting co-operates with organizations and authorities from public and private sector, such as Organizations for Education, Colleges, Universities, Region of Western Greece, Region of Attica, Municipalities, Non-Governmental Organizations, Organizations for people with disabilities, Organizations for elders and others.
In addition, the company has a well established network with partners from all over Europe, with which has already cooperated in European projects and through working groups in several European Forums and Organizations.
The company has a staff with lot of experience in European and National Projects.

Errotu Taldea S.L.P.


PartnersERROTU is a SME working around specialised architecture and ageing society, particularly in design for dementia. It has two working lines: on one hand, Consultancy and Training, and on the other hand, Managing and Developing Projects and Planning, all oriented to improve the life quality of people, specially elderly, through the built environment.

ERROTU´s founding members have a broad experience in entrepreneurship and quality management processes, working with ISO UNE 9001 and ISO UNE 170001 and ISO UNE 170002. They have worked in consultancy for public and private institutions, quality management, project management, training and they have been speakers in several congresses and forums. They have taken part and developed both national and international R+D projects, most of them regarding to effects of the ageing population and the built environment.

They collaborate very closely with the environment area of Aubixa Foundation, who works to improve quality of life for people with dementia.


European Union


EfVET is a leading Europe-wide professional association created by, and for, VET providers and member of VET4EU2 Platform. EfVET represents directly the views of its members on VET issues to all the European Union Institutions and Bodies and responds to all appropriate consultation processes by participating in ET2020 working groups and working closely with DG EMPL, DG EAC and DG GROW, CEDEFOP. EfVET Secretariat manages the project implementation and monitoring tasks and provides professional support to the members and TTs coordinators.

EfVET has 179 full members from 26 Erasmus+ Programme countries In the project EfVET will contribute to all WPs and act as multiplier reaching out to all its members.



PartnersCEBANC- has led the way in vocational training in Gipuzkoa since 1975 and delivers courses in three areas: in-service, initial and adult vocational training. Cebanc aims to meet professionals´ training needs for their entire working life. Our broad range of courses brings us into daily contact with the business community and enables us to adapt to the skilling changes that take place as a result of technological and organizational advances.

The college offers courses at Initial training programmes (students that have not completed their compulsory secondary education and obtain a vocational training qualification), sub-tertiary level and tertiary levels, in four areas: Health, Administration, Business and Marketing and Computer Science. Cebanc has experience in coordinating a range of Lifelong Learning Programmes. Since 2000 the college has co-ordinated 1 Leonardo pilot projects and 2 TOI projects, one based around Business and the other two around Tourism and Accessibility, integrating new information and communication technologies into their teaching methodology. Cebanc has experience as well in promoting, implementing and organizing Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus mobility initiatives for both Students and Staff through our International Office. The International Office is responsible for the planning, implementation and organizational aspects of all Transnational mobilities, acting as key contact with partner institutions, both as a sending and hosting organization. The college also work with the following educational and governmental institutions on getting people into the workforce and providing on the job training for companies: The Basque Government, The Government of Gipuzkoa, Hobetuz Basque Government in-service training initiative, Lanbide the Basque Government employment service and European projects. The college is involved in a wide spectrum of activity form local to European levels.



PartnersSosu Ostjylland is the second largest social and health care college in Denmark. We provide different educational programs – as well as supplementary training of educated staff members – for social and health care institutions for elderly and disabled people and for hospitals and psychiatry. We continuously develop innovative pedagogic and didactic training material and organize work practice, and we work closely together with the employers in the field. We have more than 25 years’ experience in training and further education of care staff. We have about 150 fulltime employed staff members and 20 external professionals connected to our daily praxis. In 2016 the college had more than 800 full-time students, and about 2.000 professional caregivers participated in shorter or longer supplementary training courses. Our students are in the age of 15 to 60 years old, and have more than 50 different ethical and cultural backgrounds. For the youngest we offer short introduction programs of 20 to 40 weeks – to prepare them for a start at the main educational programs of either: • 14 months (Social and Health Care Helper) or • 32 months (Social and Health Care Assistant)

We are continuously involved in European projects and it is not difficult for us to ensure impact of project results: both inside and outside our organization. The results of our projects are directly integrated in the education of social and help care helpers and assistants at the SOSU Ostjylland college. As the graduates of the college are the future caregivers, they directly apply their new competences at their work places. Furthermore, SOSU is part of several national networks of Danish Social and Health Care colleges, which also benefit from the project results. The college is also a member of several international partnerships and networks with stakeholder in the care field in many European countries and we always try to give them the opportunity to exploit our result as well.

Age UK

United Kingdom

Age UKAge UK BANES provides services and support for older people living in the city of Bath and the surrounding county and region. The national Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. The over-60s is the fastest-growing group in society and there are more than ever before. Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging. Age UK nationally would not be able to function properly without the dedication of thousands of volunteers who get involved and help all older people to make the most of later life; they also train people in their specific services.

The Age UK network comprises around 150 local/regional Age UKs reaching most of the areas and regions of England. The BANES region Age UK (partner to this project) has excellent partnership links with the local municipality (Bath and North East Somerset), local and regional health authorities and commissioning agencies, many local charities and NGOs, local education providers, such as Bath College and private training providers. They are a provider of adult education in some fields. More than 200 volunteers work with staff to provide the services.

The work and support provided by Age UK covers a number of different services, including: information and advice; campaigning for older people with policy makers and government; products and services to help older people remain in their home and independent in later life; basic IT Training; help with planning for retirement; various other services dependent on local, regional or national needs.



KOISPE FAROSSocial Cooperative of Limited Liability (KISPE) “FAROS” is an innovative form of cooperative entrepreneurial action that aims to support people with any kind of disability problems that face social and economic exclusion. The basic aim of KISPE “FAROS” is to create protected jobs or supported employment for these people in order to help them to socio-economic and occupational integration (or re-integration). It also aims to support them by any means, mostly through psychological support by experts (psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers) and also through training programs (such as computer training etc) sometimes with the cooperation of other social organizations. In the most of the times, these people are supported through training programs from the organization (such as computer training etc) before they begin the work.

Kispe “FAROS” activities are dedicated mostly (but not exclusively) to people who face psychological or other mental disorders and contribute to their treatment and to their economic
autonomy. For this purpose, the Social Cooperative of Limited Liability “FAROS”, apart from Mental Health Units, develops business activities. The care and supervision for the development of the company is under the Ministry of Health and Governed by Article 12 of Law 2716/1999 and complementary by Law 4430/2016. It is managed by a 7-member Administration Council which is elected every 3 years by the General Assembly of partners – members of KISPE “FAROS”. In this period the employed personnel in KISPE “FAROS” is 75 people, with permanent employment contracts, of which 53 are people with disabilities facing variant mental health or social problems and 22 people are specialized professionals.



ASSOCIAZIONE OMNISSince 2010 OMNIS is a training agency accredited by Umbria Region, in charge of educational and training policies and programmes. The accreditation is confirmed every year to provide OMNIS the capacity of delivering training courses financed by the European Social Fund and to provide at regional level a catalogue of private courses for professional orders and organisations.

The association is also engaged in several projects and initiatives in the field of the of Continuing professional development, adaptation of skills, the growth of company professional resources through the use of the resources of the Italia Interprofessional Funds, conception and development of innovative qualifications through the alignment of the VET policies of the regional, national and European economic development strategies; development of partnerships between the world of education, training and the world of work and in improving the level of skills and key skills of young people.