Psychogeriatric Association “Nestor”

Name of good practice Psychogeriatric Association “Nestor”
Name of organisation Psychogeriatric Association “Nestor”
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City, Country Athens, Greece
Sector Memory


The Psychogeriatric Association “Nestor” was founded in 2001, by members of the Hellenic Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Today, it is the largest provider of free services for the elderly in our country. More than 5000 people enjoy high quality services from more than 85 health professionals as well as from their volunteers. Nestor’s main area of activity is memory and its disorders.

The staff of “Nestor” Psychogeriatric Association are health care professionals specializing in psycho-geriatric issues. This specialization of the staff arises not only from their education, but also from the experience gained over many years, working with elderly patients

Every year they undertake a large number of community awareness activities regarding issues relating to dementia and old age which include seminars, public speeches, publications and awareness raising events. In addition, “Nestor” organizes educational programs for health professionals, conferences and workshops. Finally, “Nestor” undertakes important charitable work through its social support program for low income families with elderly members.

  • More than 85 employees, with more than 10 specialties
  • 5000 people served annually
  • High quality services, offered free of charge
  • Workshops, lectures, seminars and training programs
  • Significant charity work


The Psychogeriatric Association “Nestor” offers a lot of services for people with dementia and their caregivers. Every year, the people served exceed the number of 5000 and all services are free of charge.

The vision of the employees and volunteers of “Nestor” Psychogeriatric Association is to enhance autonomy and independent living for the elderly, to provide specialized and high quality services for managing the psychiatric problems of the elderly and to improve the quality of life of senior citizens. At the same time, they envision a society informed and sensitized on the psychiatric problems of the elderly and people willing to offer assistance to Psychogeriatric patients.

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