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Informal Carers (including family, friends)

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Adaptation of the surroundings.

  • Clarity and fewer options because of the lack of the ability to have an overall view.
    For example, have only a few sets of clothes visible in the wardrobe (as the disease progresses the choices should be limited)
  • Visibility.
    Make it easy to find things. Put signs on the doors, cupboards and drawers or use pictograms and pictures
  • Colour contrasts.
    Colours can highlight the things the person needs and make it easier to estimate distances
  • Light and darkness.
    Make sure there is enough light. Be aware that dark fields can be experienced as holes. E.g. if the floor in the bathroom is dark, put a light-coloured rug on the floor all the way from the door to the toilet
  • Disturbing visual impressions.
    For example, avoid floral tablecloths on the dining table. The person with dementia might think that he/she can pick up the flowers. Avoid very variegated or patterned furniture and curtains