Coronavirus: Worrying time for families

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Coronavirus: advice for families looking after someone with dementia


The D-Care project team are well aware this is a worrying time for families, particularly for anyone looking after someone with dementia. The weeks ahead are going to be challenging and you must consider how to look after yourself, and the person with dementia, during this time. Consider self-isolation – stay at home for at least 12 weeks.

And of course it can be difficult to explain to a person with dementia why they should wash their hands more frequently. Equally difficult, is explaining why you are avoiding touching them. Is it possible for you to sleep separately or stay two metres (three steps) away from each other? If it is not possible, don’t worry or feel guilty about this, as you are doing your best under very difficult circumstances.

Remember, what is important – if the person you care for is comforted by your presence and your touch, then you need to continue.