Congratulations! You have successfully completed the self-assessment questionnaire!

According to your answers, you are a novice in caring for a person living with dementia. You will need to spend more time gaining experience and it would be a good idea to save the results from this self-assessment and redo the online learning in a few weeks; at this later stage, the self-assessment should be a higher level.

This level attests that you need to up-skill yourself so as to be able to discover opportunities and generate ideas regarding your caring skills and competences. You should focus on improving your individual skills, and also your skills in communicating. You may have the enthusiasm to care for the people with dementia, but you need to work more on the techniques, methods, parameters, and resources.

In case you wish to further enhance and strengthen your knowledge, competences, and skills, take them to the next level(s), we suggest you regularly visit the website of the project: D-Care Training.

You can find many great resources in our dementia friendly activity toolkit on many aspects of dementia care and ready-to-use material in the special toolkit for dementia friendly home we have prepared for you!