Our 1st newsletter is on air

1st newsletter

Our 1st newsletter for D-Care – Respite and Respect project is on air.

More and more people are suffering from dementia in Europe, as life expectancy increases, but right now there is no cure available. As most of the caregivers are family members and friends, it is very important to be trained, in order to acquire knowledge and competences necessary for the improvement of quality of life of people with dementia.


How does COVID-19 pandemic affect the project?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected older people, especially those who suffer from dementia and their caregivers. It is difficult for caregivers to explain and for people with dementia to understand the isolation and the distance they suddenly have to keep from other people. Physical distancing is crucial in the way we all have to live with this virus, and it is hard for people with dementia to understand why they should wash their hands more frequently or why we avoid touching them.

The pandemic also affected the implementation of the project. The Joint Staff Training was canceled and the training of the partners in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy was held online, through a training course, available on project’s website.

D-Care partners will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people with dementia and will support caregivers in their demanding work, through the training program that they will develop.