Radio Play, available as a podcast

Radio Play

‘All of These Things’, written by Stella Feehily, was commissioned with the specific needs of those with early-stage dementia in mind. The writers worked in collaboration with the audience to ensure that the play reflects their needs and interests and provides them with an opportunity to access brilliant art.Radio Play

“The creators then visited the residents of a care home in West London to understand the soundscapes that resonated with them.

The radio play is made up of a series of connected episodes. Each can be enjoyed on its own and offers a complete story – but they link together to make a longer drama. It’s structured so that the listener can pause or stop after each episode, and there is space within episodes for additional pauses or to stop and return to the beginning.

Each episode involves no more than three distinct characters, and each segment is set in a familiar, clearly defined environment.

The episodes are fully supported by a soundscape which reinforces the dialogue to help the listener follow the story. And finally, of course, music is an important element throughout.


Listen to the play here, now available as a podcast.