Train the Trainers in CST

Train the Trainers in CST featured

The D-Care project aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of family and friends of people suffering from dementia and to train caregivers of people with dementia in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST).

Cognitive skills are those skills that the brain uses to think, learn, remember, problem solve and communicate. There are a number of approaches to help people with dementia improve their memory and thinking skills and to cope with memory loss. One of these is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), which has been developed by reviewing the best available research on approaches to improve cognitive skills for people with dementia.  It is an evidence-based methodology, proven to help people who have mild to medium dementia, developed by the University of Central London (UCL) and now utilized by many countries.

Project partners have already finalized the course “Train the Trainers in CST” in English and now they are working on the translation of the course in Italian, Danish, Greek and Spanish.

The course is available online and once translated, it will be available to organisations and caregivers, both professionals and non-professionals. A Teacher Guide will also be created to make this course even easier.


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