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Module 4: Dementia Friendly Environments

Module 4 Introduction

Dementia Friendly Environments

  • Among the factors that determine the quality of life, the environment where a person living with dementia lives is a fundamental resource, not only with regard to the physical part, but also the emotional bond that develops with the space where they live as with the neighbourhood and the connection with the world in general (Yanguas, Sancho, Del Barrio, 2012).
  • The importance of this “continent” where we want to live as we get older, is presented as an inescapable aspect when analysing this new scenario of ageing that is presented to us today.
  • The design of suitable environments for the elderly and people living with dementia, which respond to their needs and preferences, is a discipline that has an increasing presence and impact in the design of person-centred care models, particularly in people with dementia.


The objectives of this module are:

  • To understand the importance of the environments that surround us and particularly in people with dementia.
  • To know how people with dementia relate to their environments.
  • To know what are the main aspects of a suitable environment for a person with dementia.
  • To have some notions about what we can apply in our homes if we live with or care for a person with dementia.

Learning outcomes

The material should allow the caregivers of people with dementia to:

  • Understand how the surrounding environment influences people’s well-being
  • Establish the characteristics that an environment designed from the person-centred care model must meet so that it becomes a factor that contributes to improving people’s quality of life.
  • Understand how the relationship between people and the space that surrounds them develops.
  • Determine the principles of an adequate environmental design based on this relationship.


How I made my home Dementia Friendly

The dementia friendly environment in a care home

How does a person with dementia see the world